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Vít Klusák
CZ 2021    84'
⚬ Society ⚬ Crime & Investigative 


One second is all it takes to completely turn a life upside down - ONE SECOND FOREVER explores excessive speeding by telling the stories of five motorists who have caused serious and deadly car accidents. A feeling that one cannot even begin to imagine, yet many drivers casually admit to speeding on a regular basis. By recreating the accidents, director Vít Klusák takes the drivers on a journey to confront their guilt and turn it into a message of prevention.



Vít Klusák


Vít Klusák, Filip Remunda, Jan Matoušek, Pavla Klimešová

Production Companies

Hypermarket Film, Czech Insurance Assosiation

In collaboration with

Česká Televize, HBO Europe


Adam Kruliš


Jana Vlčková


David Hlaváč


Richard Müller

Film Details

Runtime 84'
Spoken Languages Czech
Original format 4K
Production Countries Czech Republic


Vít Klusák is a Czech film director. Together with Filip Remunda, he founded and since 2003 runs the film company Hypermarket Film, which focuses on the production of creative documentary films. His most recent projects are: a series of documentaries for Czech Television CZECH JOURNAL, several series of the legendary program Yes, boss! for TV Prima, a documentary film MATRIX AB (2015) and a feature portrait of a gentle neo-Nazi THE WORLD ACCORDING TO DALIBOREK (2017). Klusák graduated from the Department of Documentary Film at FAMU (in the class of prof. Karel Vachek and Helena Třeštíková). With Filip Remunda he shot the documentary comedy CZECH DREAM (2004). The film was awarded at many festivals both at home and abroad and broadcasted by 24 television stations around the world. CZECH PEACE (2010) premiered at the Michael Moore Festival in Traverse City. CAUGHT IN THE NET (2020), directed together with Barbora Chalupová, about online child abuse was a box office hit in the Czech Republic. In addition to directing, he also works as a cameraman and editor.


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