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Vít Klusák & Barbora Chalupová
CZ SK 2020    63' 100'
⚬ Kids & Youth ⚬ Society ⚬ Crime & Investigative 


Three young actresses pretend to be under-age and see what happens when signing up for a popular online chat room. An eye-opening experiment revealing how this modern form of child abuse became an extremely spread out and common threat.




Vít Klusák & Barbora Chalupová


Vít Klusák, Filip Remunda


Peter Kerekes

Executive Producers

Pavla Klimešová

Production Company

Hypermarket Film

In collaboration with

Česká Televize, RTVS


Adam Kruliš


Vít Klusák, Barbora Chalupová


Vít Klusák




Adam Bláha


Special Mention

Al Jazeera Balkans International Documentary Film Festival 2020

Czech Competition Award

One World Human Rights Documentary Film Festival 2020

Youth Jury Special Prize

Kaliningrad International Film Festival On The Edge: West 2021

Special Mention

One World Filmclubs Award 2021


One Wold Prague 2020

CPH:DOX 2020

Millenium Docs Against Gravity 2020

Sarajevo FF 2020

Helsinki IFF 2020

Zürich FF 2020

Bergen IFF 2020

Al Jazeera Balkans Doc FF 2020

Vancouver IFF 2020

Message 2 Man 2020

Festival du Noveau Cinema 2020

Inconvenient Films 2020

Tallinn Black Nights FF 2020

Giffoni FF 2020


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Film Details

Runtimes 63' 100'
Spoken Languages Czech
Production Countries Czech Republic, Slovakia


Vít Klusák is a Czech film director. Together with Filip Remunda, he founded and since 2003 runs the film company Hypermarket Film, which focuses on the production of creative documentary films. His most recent projects are: a series of documentaries for Czech Television CZECH JOURNAL, several series of the legendary program Yes, boss! for TV Prima, a documentary film MATRIX AB (2015) and a feature portrait of a gentle neo-Nazi THE WORLD ACCORDING TO DALIBOREK (2017). Klusák graduated from the Department of Documentary Film at FAMU (in the class of prof. Karel Vachek and Helena Třeštíková). With Filip Remunda he shot the documentary comedy CZECH DREAM (2004). The film was awarded at many festivals both at home and abroad and broadcasted by 24 television stations around the world. CZECH PEACE (2010) premiered at the Michael Moore Festival in Traverse City. In addition to directing, he also works as a cameraman and editor. 

Barbora Chalupová is a Czech film director of the new young generation. Her filmography starts with the student film TRANSITION (2014). The following film ARMS READY (2016) looked into the enormous increase in the number of applicants for a firearms license in the Czech Republic. This film was nominated for the Pavel Koutecký Award and appeared in the competition sections of the One World festival or IDFF Jihlava. Her next work is EQUALITY THEORY (2017), in which the director traced the state of the current debate on gender equality in the Czech Republic. Her experimental film ON THE EDGE (2018) about the Czech flat Earth movement was shortlisted for the best student film award at Magnesia Awards. The film was selected for competition sections of international festivals such as In the Palace ISFF, Sao Paulo ISFF, IBAFF, Elbe Dock, and others. Last year, Barbora presented her author documentary REAL (E)STATE (2019) which reflects the current housing crisis. Right now, Barbora is finishing A NEW OATH, a film which deals with the legalisation of marriage for same-sex couples. At the same time, she is conducting a research for a feature documentary film THE END OF THE WORLD about spreading misinformation.


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