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Tommy Pallotta & Femke Wolting
BE NL US 2018    55' 79'
⚬ Science & Technology 


What does it mean to live in the age of intelligent machines? In this playful quest, the filmmaker finds out how much of his creativity and human values are at stake as he builds his own robot to replace himself as a filmmaker. More than just an exposé on the pros and cons of new technology, the filmmaker’s journey takes him to the world’s leading AI experts and robot pioneers confronting them with existential questions such as: will AI, infinitely smarter, interconnected and possibly self-aware, render humanity obsolete?




Tommy Pallotta & Femke Wolting


Femke Wolting, Bruno Felix, Tommy Pallotta


Bart Van Langendonck

Production Company

Submarine Amsterdam

Co-Production Companies

SubLA, Savage Film, VPRO


Guido van Gennep NSC


Chris van Oers


Harry Waters


Eddy de Cloe


SXSW 2018

Hot Docs 2018

DocVille 2018

Digital Jove Festival 2018

Revelation Perth IFF 2018

Cambridge FF 2018

GZDOC 2018

Docs Against Gravity 2019

TRT Documentary Days 2019

CinemAmbiente 2019

DocEdge 2019


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Film Details

Runtimes 55' 79'
Spoken Languages English
Production Countries Belgium, Netherlands, USA


Tommy Pallotta is a visionary storyteller who creatively blends technology with filmmaking, animation and interactivity. Microsoft Research recognized his penchant for innovation where he lead a research team to create and design interactive, animated storytelling experiences. He has produced several short animated films that garnered numerous awards, including SNACK AND DRINK, which is now part of a permanent collection in the New York Museum of Modern Art. Tommy first connected Richard Linklater with animation when he produced the award-winning feature film WAKING LIFE. He followed up with Philip K. Dick’s A SCANNER DARKLY, starring Keanu Reeves and Robert Downey Jr. He then directed the Emmy nominated transmedia thriller, COLLAPSUS and co-directed the feature documentary/ animation hybrid LAST HIGHJACK. 

Femke Wolting, together with Bruno Felix, is the founder and managing director of Submarine, an independent film and transmedia production company in Amsterdam and LA, spanning features, documentaries and animation. Femke has produced among others award-winning documentaries such as MEET THE FOKKENS. She produced Peter Greenaway’s last feauture film, EISENSTEIN IN GUANAJUATO that premiered in competition of the Berlinale Film Festival and most recently she produced Brian Knappenberg’s acclaimed film NOBODY SPEAK: TRIALS OF A FREE PRESS which premiered at Sundance 2017 and that premiered worldwide as a Netflix Original in 2017. She is currently producing Oscar-winning director Roger Ross Williams’ film AMERICAN JAIL for CNN and the BBC about the prison industrial complex. Since 1999 Femke Wolting has directed documentaries, such as IT'S THE END OF TV AS WE KNOW IT – a feature documentary about the future of television and the award-winning film SNEAKERS - about the rise of the sports shoe. She won an Emmy for LAST HIJACK which premiered at the Berlinale Film Festival 2014.



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