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Laurence Billiet & Rachael Antony
AU 2023    90' 113'
⚬ Green ⚬ Queer 


The intertwined fate of trees and humans is captured in this portrait of environmental folk hero and gay icon Bob Brown. THE GIANTS explores how ecology politics was taken from the fringes to the centre of power. The story of Bob’s activism is interwoven with the extraordinary life cycle of Australia’s giant trees. A look at some of the tallest and oldest in the world ignites an urgent conversation about the rights of the forest. Breathtaking cinematography and spellbinding animations make for an immersive cinematic experience.


"inspiring and beautiful" - The Guardian

"I loved THE GIANTS. I was inspired by the beauty of the forests…and moved by this intimate portrait of a man who simply did not give up." - Director Jane Campion


Directors & Producers

Laurence Billiet & Rachael Antony

Executive Producers

Helen Panckhurst, Paul Wiegard

Production Company

General Strike

Co-Production Company

Matchbox Pictures


Sherwin Akbarzadeh


Rachael Antony & Laurence Billiet


Daniel Wieckmann


James Henry


Thom Kellar


Alex Le Guillou


AACTA Award for Best Cinematography in a Documentary 2024


Young Audience Award

Pordenone Docs Fest 2024

Green Award

Pordenone Docs Fest 2024

Best Documentary

Riviera International Film Festival 2024

Green Warsaw Award

Millennium Docs Against Gravity FF 2024



Adelaide Film Festival 2022

Perth Film Festival 2023

Screenwave International Film Festival 2023

New Zealand International Film Festival 2023

Millennium Docs Against Gravity FF 2024


Film Details


90' 113'

Production Country


Spoken Languages

English, Palawa Kani


Laurence Billiet (she/her) is a co-founder of production company General Strike. In 2001 she founded Lonely Planet Television and executive produced dozens of TV including Lonely Planet Six Degrees for Discovery. She was the first Producer ever to secure original commissions from US digital platform Hulu and Al Gore's Current TV. Laurence also executive produced hundreds of online videos for Vice, i-D, Hulu, Babelgum, Facebook Live and Youtube. After several years overseas, Laurence moved back to Melbourne to establish General Strike and pivoted to directing the films she produces. The first full-length film she directed, FREEMAN, which premiered on the ABC TV, was the most watched documentary of 2020 on Australian TV. Laurence is the recipient of the prestigious 2021 Betty Roland Award for Scriptwriting at the NSW Premier Literary Awards and the 2021 Australian Directors Guild Award for Best Direction in a Documentary one-hour.

Rachael Antony (she/her) is a co-founder of General Strike and the studio’s head writer. Rachael has over 20 years’ experience as a writer and journalist, having written for television, online and print. She has worked as a writer/researcher for television series, such as Lonely Planet Six Degrees (SBS, Discovery) and Family Footsteps (ABC). She has scripted and produced around 100 short form videos including the Webby award-winning series Freewheelers. She spent several years in Paris where she oversaw editorial and community for Silicon Valley news app Flipboard and curated news coverage of events such as the Paris terrorist attacks, the World Cup and COP 21. Most recently she acted as Script Editor for FREEMAN (ABC TV).


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