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Guy Davidi
DK IL FI IS 2022    100'
⚬ Society ⚬ Current Affairs & Politics 


INNOCENCE tackles the issue of militarization and its impact on the lives of young Israeli people who are forced to serve against their own identity and values. Through a narration based on the haunting diaries of soldiers who died in uniform and rare home video they left behind; the film depicts their inner turmoil. Interweaved together with first-hand training videos and unique filmed life moments; the film shows how children and young people are being tracked and pressured step by step from early childhood into military enrolment and away from their parents. INNOCENCE warns of the social and personal costs of increasing global militarization.


 “eye-opening, powerful” - Screen Daily

 “remarkable” - Cineuropa

 “a furious documentary” - BFI Sight and Sound



Guy Davidi


Sigrid Dyekjær, Hilla Medalia


Kaarle Aho, Margreth Jonasdottir

Executive Producers

Rinat Klein, Dorit Hassel

Production Companies

Danish Documentary, Medalia Productions

Co-Production Companies

Real Lava, Making Movies, Sagafilm

In collaboration with

Channel 8, YLE, DR, RUV, EO, RTV Slovenia


Guy Davidi, Avner Shahaf


Guy Davidi

Additional Editing

Maja Friis


Snorri Hallgrímsson


Heikki Kossi

"A powerful, angry polemic filled with heartbreak" - Screen Daily


"remarkable" - Cineuropa


"a furious documentary" - Sight And Sound


"makes convincing plea against conscription" - Paste Magazine


"a powerful argument for urgent change" - Backseat Mafia



Best Mediterranean Film

Young Artists in Venice Award 2022

Special Mention Main Competition

Millennium Docs Against Gravity 2023

Bydgoszcz ART.DOC Award

Millennium Docs Against Gravity 2023

Lo Porto Award

Terra di Tutti FF 2023



La Biennale di Venezia 2022

Busan IFF 2022

Chicago IFF 2022

IDFA 2022

DocPoint 2023

CPH:DOX 2023

Thessaloniki DFF 2023

One World FF 2023


Hot Docs 2023

Millenium Docs Against Gravity 2023

MakeDox 2023


Film Details

Runtime 100'
Spoken Languages Hebrew
Production Countries Denmark, Israel, Finland, Iceland


Born in Jaffa, acclaimed Israeli filmmaker Guy Davidi, has been making films since a young age. After evading the Israeli army Davidi started to make films focusing on highly charged political issues with a deeply emotional tone and an innovative approach. His most known film 5 BROKEN CAMERAS, co-directed with Palestinian Emad Burnat, was nominated to the Oscar in 2012 and won an Emmy for Best Documentary in 2013. The film has since been considered as an astounding achievement of the Palestinian-Israeli peace movement. His new film INNOCENCE, based on 10 years of research, is an epic portrait of his own disturbed country.


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