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2020 • 91' • Hannah Berryman
50 years ago, deep in the Welsh countryside, two brothers were milking cows and preparing to take over the family farm - but dreamed of making music. They had the audacious idea to build a studio in their farmhouse attic and record their own tunes. Animals were kicked out of barns and musicians were moved into Nan’s spare bedroom. Inadvertently, they’d launched the legendary Rockfield studios.

Black Sabbath, Oasis, Coldplay, Stone Roses, Robert Plant, Simple Minds and more recall the mayhem and music they made at Rockfield over the decades. This is a story of rock and roll dreams intertwined with a family business’s fight for survival in the face of an ever-changing music landscape.

Caught in the Net

CZ, SK 2020 • 63', 105' • Vit Klusak, Barbora Chalupova
Three young actresses pretend to be under-age and see what happens when signing up for a popular online chat room. An eye-opening experiment revealing how this modern form of child abuse became an extremely spread out and common threat.

Journey to Utopia

DK, NO, SE 2020 • 88' • Erlend E. Mo
A Norwegian family preoccupied by the global climate crisis decides to be the change they want to see in the world and move to an eco village in Denmark. But what are their new shared values, and can they all agree on them?


SE 2020 • 58', 95' • Jane Magnusson
Madeline Stuart is a fashion celebrity who has walked the runway at the New York Fashion Week, has 700 000+ followers on Facebook and is covered by international media world wide. This documentary follows Madeline on her journey to becoming the world’s first professional supermodel with Down syndrome, challenging our perception of identity, beauty and disability.


DK 2020 • 58', 88' • Mira Jargil
Having fled from Syria two doctors and their kids get separated. The kids bravely live on their own in Turkey, while their parents make it to Canada and Denmark. Now they’re stuck in a Kafkaesque system that reduces their family life to Skype calls. Will they manage to reunite?


DK, NL 2020 • 90' • Estephan Wagner, Marianne Hougen-Moraga
At the foot of the Andes Mountains in Chile lies an idyllic German colony called Villa Baviera (Bavarian Village). However, the beauty hides a grim past. This film explores how the residents of the colony use different strategies to cope with 45 traumatic years of child abuse, torture and mass graves.


FI, DE, RO 2020 • 86' • Radu Ciorniciuc
For the last two decades, the Enache family lived in the Bucharest’s Delta, an immense green space in which wildlife has become a rare urban ecosystem. Following the rhythm of the seasons, they live a simple life isolated from society. But their peace is soon to be over: no longer able to escape social services and pressured by the municipality, they are forced to move to the city and learn to conform to the rules of society.

An Impossible Project

AT, DE 2020 • 94' • Jens Meurer
Put down your phones! This is 90 minutes of digital detox. AN IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT is an entertaining and sensuous film about the renaissance of analogue in our digital lives. We follow an eccentric scientist as he embarks on a feisty mission to save the world's last Polaroid factory. An inspiring underdog story of a 21st Century Don Quixote. And a sumptuous invitation to fall in love with real things again. Fully shot on 35mm.


KE 2020 • 96 • Sam Soko
Boniface “Softie” Mwangi is daring and audacious, and recognized as Kenya's most provocative photojournalist. But as a father of three young children, these qualities create tremendous turmoil between him and his wife Njeri. When he wants to run for political office, he is forced to choose: country or family?


NO 2020 • 102' • Benjamin Ree
An artist befriends the thief who stole her paintings and makes him her muse. She becomes his closest ally when he is severely hurt in a car crash and needs full time care, even if her paintings are not found. But then the tables turn...
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