About Face: Supermodels, Then and Now

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    Portrait photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’s lush new film is an intimate view of women whose images have defined our sense of beauty over the past five decades. An uncensored look at many of the biggest names in modeling, ABOUT FACE reveals the stories behind the magazine covers displaying these multicultural pioneers. Each woman is candidly interviewed in the studio and shares her experiences, ideas on longevity, and philosophy of life in the fashion industry. Archival footage and interviews with designer Calvin Klein and agency head Eileen Ford round out this chronicle. ABOUT FACE is a step back in time to a glamorous, yet complicated era when drugs were rampant and women were routinely harassed and mistreated. The divergent attitudes among the women about everything from the business of modeling, to aging and plastic surgery, are fascinating and priceless. ABOUT FACE celebrates the raw intelligence and staying power of these timeless icons.

premiere location: Sundance


  • director(s): Timothy Greenfield-Sanders
  • editor(s): Ben Cole, Benjamin Gray
  • executive producer(s): Sheila Nevins, Michael Slap Sloane, Tommy Walker
  • producer(s): TimTom , Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Chad Thompson
  • TV channel: Halflife Films, HBO Documentary

technical data

  • film format: HD
  • audio format: Stereo
  • production year: 2012
  • runtime: 72'
  • countries: UNITED STATES
  • genres: biography, social
  • languages: English


  • "About Face" provides a window into the very insecurities to which models are supposed to be immune: They were supposed to act, walk and pose as though they're the most glorious things ever born, and to try and believe it. But judging by the very likable subjects of Greenfield-Sanders' film, they're beset by the same uncertainties as the rest of us mortals." VARIETY

  • "This love letter to the cover girls of the past is a fluffy but surprisingly engaging validation of the belief that true beauty is ageless". The Hollywood Reporter

  • "On Sunday afternoon, photographer and filmmaker Timothy Greenfield-Sanders made arguably the weekend’s most impressive entrance when he arrived at the cocktail party in honor of his new documentary, About Face, accompanied by a trio of towering beauties (Beverly Johnson, Carol Alt, China Machado)." VOGUE

  • About Face is a fascinating look at the world of modeling from the viewpoint of some of the most famous faces ever to grace a Vogue cover or pose for Avedon or Scavullo." The Huffington Post

  • "The documentary is a witness of that special super model era, but also gives an insight into the minds behind the beautiful faces. A must see for any woman, model or not, beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Eyes In Magazine


  • Helsinki International Film Festival
  • Hot Docs
  • L.A. Film Festival
  • Miami Film Festival
  • Rio International Film Festival
  • Sundance

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