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Lessons Of Love

PL 2019 • 74' • Malgorzata Goliszewska, Kasia Mateja
Free-spirited Jola, after escaping from a marital nightmare is letting loose with her friends and finds herself thrust into a new romance at a latino dancing class. The drama evolves when the conservative powers of her generation try to justify her abusive husband. A highly cinematic and joyful journey into a woman’s battle to reinvent herself in her best age of life, when you are 69.


AT, CH 2019 • 55' • Mathias Frick
Wolf Prix is one of the most successful architects from Europe. Since the foundation of Coop Himmelb(l)au in 1968 where his award-winning creations come to life, he has managed to establish himself as a star and revolutionist in the architecture scene. An exclusive insight into his controversial views on politics, society and culture which reflect on his buildings have spread a new critical perception on traditional doctrines of architecture.

Body Of Truth

DE, CH 2019 • 95', 52' • Evelyn Schels
Artists Marina Abramovic, Sigalit Landau, Shirin Neshat & Katharina Sieverding have been politicized by experiences with war, violence and suppression and integrated them into their work, using the most personal feature available: their own bodies. We accompany them on an emotional journey, reexperiencing the conflicts that have shaped their consciousness. The 4 women originate from different cultures, whose struggles epitomize the grand conflicts of our time.


BE 2019 • 58' • Thomas Bricmont, Pablo Crutzen, Robin Smit
Eden Hazard and Christian Benteke, a bromance is an exclusive glimpse into Eden Hazards childhood and his life-long friendship with Christian Benteke. Archive footage and stories of family and friends document his rise to one of the most iconic football stars today.

Jozi Gold

ZA, SE 2019 • 74' • Sylvia Vollenhoven, Fredrik Gertten
The mines of Johannesburg, or Jozi, have produced a third of all the gold mined in human history. Now the mines are falling apart and the city confronts an environmental nightmare: Tons of radioactive waste polluting the air and turning water into poisonous Acid Mine Drainage. In true Erin Brockovich style, Mariette is on a mission to uncover the truth about Jozi’s mine waste and force the gold industry to take responsibility.


DK 2019 • 110' • Eva Mulvad
Outlawed for their love, a young family flees from Teheran, their lives in danger. Filmed over 7 years, we follow their quest to be together, battling with both Iranian and European law. A political love story about lies, adultery and espionage.


AT 2019 • 79' • Maria Arlamovsky
ROBOLOVE reflects on the strategies of men and women involved with the creation of humanoid, android robots. Robots that will perhaps one day expand the human body and the human life. From an exciting variety of perspectives we understand the immense complexity of this topic. Featuring Japanese robotics guru, Hiroshi Ishiguro, to the transhumanist, Natasha Vita More - and many more.


SY, UK 2019 • 60', 80', 95' • Waad al-Kateab & Edward Watts
One of the first movies from a young female director from Syria, Emmy awarded, Waad al-Kateab, who filmed her life in rebel-held Aleppo through 5 years of the Syrian uprising.

Forget Me Not (2019)

DK, KR 2019 • 56’, 83’ • Sun Hee Engelstoft
In South Korea it’s still considered shameful to have children outside of marriage, despite society seemingly being wealthy and modern. Many girls are sent away to institutions to keep their pregnancy a secret. FORGET ME NOT follows three such women who have to decide whether to keep the baby or give it up for adoption.


CA, US 2019 • 52', 85' • Erin Derham
Told through the eyes and hands of acclaimed artists across the world, the film explores the diverse subculture of taxidermy where sculptors must also be scientists, seeing life where others only see death.
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