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Kids On The Silk Road

DK 2017 • 15 x 25' • Jens Pedersen, Simon Lereng Wilmont, Kaspar Astrup Schröder
15 countries along the colorful ancient Silk Road, 15 children (11-14 years old) who give an insight into their lives and challenges. A documentary series for the whole family told from the children’s perspective, delving into rich cultural portraits and addressing universal issues of growing up.


DK 2019 • Eva Mulvad
Outlawed for their love, a young family flees from Teheran, their lives in danger. Filmed over five years, we follow their quest to be together, battling with both Iranian and European law. A political love story about lies, adultery and espionage.

Body Of Truth

DE, IL 2019 • Evelyn Schels
Artists Marina Abramovic, Sigalit Landau, Shirin Neshat & Katharina Sieverding have been politicized by experiences with war, violence and suppression and integrated them into their work, using the most personal feature available: their own bodies. We accompany them on an emotional journey, reexperiencing the conflicts that have shaped their consciousness. The 4 women originate from different cultures, whose struggles epitomize the grand conflicts of our time.


SE 2018 • 58', 72' • Jane Magnusson
In 2014, the first pictures taken by a professional photographer of Madeline Stuart, a red-haired, strong headed girl with Downs syndrome, was posted on Instagram. Two years later, Madeline Stuart is a fashion celebrity who has walked the run way at the New York Fashion Week, has 700 000+ followers on Facebook and is covered in international media world wide.

This documentary follows Madeline Stuart on her journey to becoming the world’s only professional model with Down syndrome, challenging our perception of identity, beauty and disability.


DK 2018 • TV, 90' • Janus Metz
An epic drama on cross-cultural marriages between Thai women and Danish fishermen, directed by Janus Metz (Armadillo, True Detective, Borg Vs Mc Enroe). Over a decade the director follows four couples as they struggle to find a way out of poverty and loneliness and see their children grow up to heap the seeds or pay the price of their mothers choices. A different kind of love story...

The Mercedes Principle

DK 2018 • 75' • Alina Rudnitskaya
Three Russian women are on the same mission – they search for security, a higher social status and plain and simple happiness. This isn’t an easy task in post-communistic Russia, where an ancient patriarchal culture is ruling and the general perception of being happy equals a life with a successful husband.


FR, ES 2018 • 52', 85' • Cosima Dannoritzer
Online flight booking, self-check-in, online-banking - self-service is saving companies millions of working hours. Neoliberal society has progressively accelerated the pace of life and the intensity of work required of each individual. Time is money - but who owns it? Traveling to Europe, Asia and the US, Time Thieves investigates the thriving time economy and finds out how we can fight back for control of this precious but limited resource.